MEETING MINUTES:  Please email the HOA to request a copy of any year's meeting minutes.  

PIER:  ~No trash receptacles provided.  ~Pick up your trash. ~Do not litter. ~Respect the area and the surrounding property. ~The pier is not a boat launch. ~No boats are to be launched from the pier. ~The only exception are boats that can be carried by hand (canoes, small boats). ~No boats are to be moored at the pier. No exceptions. ~Respect the private property of the adjacent property owners. ~No trespassing on private property. ~The area is marked with survey stakes. ~Familiarize yourself with the boundaries, and stay within the Common Area. ~No personal items are to be left unattended overnight at Pier or Common Area. ~You must be a Property Owner or Guest to use this facility. ~Guests must be accompanied by a Property Owner. ~Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. ~No Roller Skating, Skateboarding, Bicycle Riding or any other such activity is permitted at the Pier. ~Hours of Operation — Dawn until Dusk. ~No alcoholic beverages permitted.   Contact any Webbs Landing Board Member to discuss any adherence to these rules.

ROADS:  The board has contacted DELDOT (Jan 2023) regarding the speed limit on Webb's Landing Rd.  DelDot will make speed limit 45 mph.  Dues were increased by 20% in January 2023 to save more money for road repair.

SNOW REMOVAL:  The HOA contracts our street plowing.  Contact the HOA for more information.

STREET LIGHTS:  Contact the HOA if a street light is not working.  Make sure to include the pole number listed on the street light.