OCTOBER 28, 2023

Webb's Landing Annual Homeowners Meeting

Dear Homeowners,

This year's annual homeowners meeting will take place Saturday, October 28, 2023, 10:00am @ 211 Waterford Drive.

We encourage everyone to attend so you voice can be heard.  This provides everyone an opportunity to meet your neighbors,  learn about your community and just chat.

This year’s meeting agenda includes the following:

I.                Welcome Residents

i.     New residents

II.              Review and approval of WLHA Annual Meeting Minutes 2022

III.            Treasurer’s Report:

i.     2022/2023 Budget

ii.     2023/2024 Projected

IV.            Covenants

V.               Roads

i.     Annual Dues Increase

ii.     Assessment

VI.            Security Camera

VII.          General Discussion

Refreshments will be served.  We hope to see you there!

JANUARY 24, 2023


Dear Homeowners,

We want to express our appreciation to our homeowners who have been diligent in fulfilling their obligation to the HOA so that necessary expenses to maintain Webbs Landing can be paid.

The Webb’s Landing Homeowners Association is responsible for maintaining the standards of appearance and safety of our neighborhood.   The costs of maintaining the common areas have continued to rise, and the HOA fees have not been increased at the same rate the expenses have risen.  In addition, the HOA Board must plan for future repairs, replacements, expenses, legal fees, etc. that may arise and are paid through the yearly homeowner dues. One of the needs that must be addressed in the near future is repaving the deteriorating roads.  Our neighborhood's road are not DelDot's responsibility, so the homeowners must take care of any repairs and repaving. There are insufficient funds in reserve to pay for the necessary road repairs.

On January 18, 2023, the Webb’s Landing HOA Board of Directors voted to increase the yearly dues by 20% to a total of $240 in 2023, as per Article II, Clause C, Section 3, Item V of the covenants: “The Board of Directors may, without the consent of the members, increase the annual assessment in an amount not to exceed twenty percent (20%) of the annual assessment for the preceding fiscal year.

This small increase will provide additional funds toward the rising general costs, and to a small extent to the road repairs.

We will mail letters out in May of this year reminding homeowners of this new amount payable by July 1, 2023.

Thank you.